My name is Lisette van Erp (°1974). I have been living and working in Antwerp since 2000.


1993-1998: Master in Clinical Psychology, Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands
(equivalent with Licenciate Clinical Psychology)

2002-2006: Solution Focused Cognitive Therapy and Systemic Therapy
(Korzybski Instituut Brugge)


lisette In 2000 I started to work for De Touter, a non-profit organization which runs an ambulant service within the department of Special Youthcare) in Berchem (Antwerpen). I have worked there for seven years, alternately as educator-family counsellor and as home and family counsellor. In 2008 I started at the home and family counselling service Terra.

From 2004-2012 I also worked as an independent psychologist-psychotherapist with Diathema, an Antwerp-based centre for psychotherapy.
In 2013 I took up the same work with Cattelberg.

Professional organisations

I am a member of the Commission of Psychologists (approval number 742105870), Belgian Federation for Relationship Therapy, Family Therapy and System Counseling, the Flemish Association of Clinical Psychologists and the Belgian Federation of Psychologists.