You are feeling low, you are worried about your relationship or you are wondering what is the matter with you. Maybe you just feel like clarifying things or you feel the need for advice on how to tackle a specific problem.

The psychologist will talk with you about what is important for you and about what could be helpful for you. Should the need arise, your partner and other members of your family can also take part in the therapy. During the conversations, no made-to-measure solutions will be offered. The psychologist will help you to make better use of your resources and to apply to your own solution strategies. During this process your possibilities as well as your limitations will be explored. This process is used in individual therapy as well as couples and family therapy. Afterwards we will explore how you can strengthen your possibilities and accept your limitations.

Cattelberg offers therapy to adolescents and adults for a variety of problems, such as:

  • eating disorders, overweight or discontent with your body
  • anxiety issues (phobia, performance anxiety, panic, compulsive disorders, hyperventilation)
  • depression or sadness
  • work- or study-related stress, burn-out
  • processing problems (mourning, bereavement, traumatic experiences)
  • uncertainty or negative self-image
  • problems with meaning of life or phases of life
  • problems in dealing with pain, tiredness or illness
  • bodily complaints without apparent medical cause
  • addiction problems
  • migration problems, difficulties concerning your cultural identity
  • relationship- and communication problems (problems within the parent-child relationship or the couple-relationship, conflicts within the family or with friends)
  • being bullied or being a bully
  • loneliness